28/10/2017 Show team for 2018 - Hollywood TCA Ruby Tuesday, Hollywood TCA Glitz N Glamour, HMH Champagne Bubbles, HMH Rebel Without A Cause

21/10/2017 Daisy gave birth to Hollywood Magical Charm. Sire Marystown Destined to Charm

24/10/2016 Spice gave birth to a beautiful filly on 22/10/2016 at 5pm.  Hollywood TCA Glitz N Glamour.  Deep chestnut pinto with plenty of bling

9/10/2016 Jasper wins Champion at his first show as a three year old winning in good company at the Mainland Miniature Horse Club Show in Christchurch

31/3/2016 Grace scanned in foal to Wa-Full Unique Leonardo for another purebred American Shetland foal.  Unfortunately Daisy did not take so will be rebred next season.  Spice should be in foal to Prints

31/3/2016 River and Bob attended their first show and won the Fancy Dress and 2nd in youth classes

31/3/2016 Robert won Grand Champion Cat B Modern Stallion ECMHC Easter Extravaganza in Classic and was 2nd in the Supreme class.  He also won his head, movement and colour classes

31/3/2016 Hazel went to first show and won Supreme NZ Bred Cat B

31/3/2016 Holly won Supreme Cat C Modern Horse and Best in Show NZ Bred Horse at ECMHC Easter Extravaganza

31/3/2016 Ben won Supreme Cat A and Best in Show Classic Horse at ECMHC Easter Extravaganza.  Also took out his head, movement and colour classes

31/03/2016 Ben won Supreme at NMHSNZ Show plus head and movement, 2nd in colour

31/03/2016 Arnie has had a sensational season with his new owners winning multiple supreme Cat B

31/03/2016 Jasper won Supreme Cat B at Kaikoura A and P Show

31/03/2016 Holly won Best NZ Bred and Supreme Cat B at SECMHC show

31/03/2016 Jimmy had a good season - always in the ribbons with a personal best of double champion yearling colt

17/10/2015 Holly won Best NZ Bred Supreme at SHBANZ show

22/9/2015 Sold Flynn, Arnie and Jasper

25/3/2015 Purchased Bluegables Robert E Lee

6/2/2015 Bella sold

5/12/2014 Our last foal of the season is born at 4.10am, a lovely little mahogany bay colt.  This is Daisy's first foal and we named him HMH Rebel Without A Cause, (Jimmy) after James Deane

4/12/2014 Gracie, (SMHCs Freedoms Amazing Grace) gave birth to a filly foal in the early morning.  She is the first purebred American Shetland bred and born in NZ.  Named Hollywood The Lady Haz Pizazz (Bella)

30/11/2014 Hollywood Master of Illusion wins Best NZ Bred horse at SECMHC Show. Hollywood TCA Special Effects was placed third out of 6 horses

11/11/2014 Violet had Hollywood TCA I'll Be Back, (Arnie) after Arnold Schwazenegger, champagne pinto colt.  A full brother to Hollywood Master of Illusion.  Violet experienced complications after foaling, a prolapsed uterus.  The vet didn't think she would make it, but she pulled through and is now doing OK

10/11/2014 Fencing almost completed.  Round pen being built.  We now have four stables and a stable yard

26/10/2014 Jasper at Lani's for show conditioning and training

24/10/2014 Spice had a lovely bay pinto filly foal called Hollywood Good Golly Miss Holly (Holly)

1/1/2014 Jasmin gave birth to a colt foal at 8.30pm.  He has the longest legs I have ever seen on a mini.  Named Hollywood TCA Special Effects, (Jasper)

30/11/2013 Poppy had a lovely palomino colt foal at about noon today, named Hollywood Rave About Me, (Ben) after Ben Affleck

25/11/2013 Lily lost her foal at 9 months - a champagne colt

25/11/2013 Hollywood Master of Illusion, (Coal) sold to a wonderful new home

10/04/2013 Purchased SMHCs Freedoms Amazing Grace (purebred American Shetland mare) from Totara Creek Miniature Horses

8/02/2013 Moved to Montana Road in Hawkes Bay to a 20 acre property

28/12/2012 We lost Crystal today from hyperlipemia

5/12/2012 Violet had colt foal at 4pm.  I just went out to the Doctor for one hour and when I got home there was a baby on the back lawn.  No sign of her giving birth before I left for my appointment.  This is the first foal by our American Shetland stallion and we are very excited about his arrival

1/12/2012 Crystal confirmed not in foal

1/12/2012 Purchased new property 20 acres in Hawkes Bay

21/1/2012 Violet bred to Prints today.  Foal due approx 19 December 2012

12/01/2012 Poppy bred to Rave.  Foal due approx 9 December 2012

21/12/2011 Poppy has gone down to Bluegables Stud to be put in foal to Los Arboles Idols Rave Review

17/12/2011 Wispa and Crystal running together for a 2012 foal. She came into season on 24th December.  Foal estimated birth approx 21 November 2012

28/11/2011 Spice has gone to Starlines Miniatures for harness training and we are really looking forward to showing her next year

26/11/2011 Jasmin's foal, Flynn,  arrived 3 weeks earlier than expected

25/14/2011 Picked up Violet.  All the horses are home now

10/04/2011 Charlie weaned

19/03/2011 Purchased Summerlea Toys Spirit from Tomahawk Stud

7/02/2011 Missed Showcase 1 due to Cyclone and Showcase 2 due to having an unscheduled trip to HB to look at another property.  Now have open homes and a new campaign to sell house so all spare time will have to be spent in gardens rather than at shows.  Shows will have to wait until next show season

24/01/2011 Jasmin confirmed in foal to Bluegables Toy Minator. Vet scan shows due date as approx 20 Dec 2011 but she was put with stallion on 3rd October 2010 and didn't return in season so could also be early September 2011

10/01/2011 Purchased Shalimar Cracka' Dawn (Jasmin)

16/12/2010 Completed purchase of Four Seasons Las Vegas Showgirl who will be joining us once her foal is weaned in April 2011

11/12/2010 Purchased Marua Crystal Dream and golden champagne colt foal, Amavar Champagne Charlie

13/11/2010 First Show - Waikato Miniature Horse Club. Rosy and Daisy each received a reserve champion placing

31/10/2010 Riverview Streakers Come Dancing arrived

9/09/2010 Purchased Cavallini Lucky Maddison Rose

13/09/2010 Purchased Riverview Streakers Come Dancing

26/07/2010 Purchased Cavallini Manhatten Spice Up Ur Life today. We pick her up on 8th August

26/06/2010 Picked up Lily and Iris today from Whangarei

19/06/2010 Picked up Rosy, Prints and Wispa this weekend. Paddock is all set up for them

16/05/2010 Purchased Totara Parks DJVs Morrigan - Silver Dapple Pinto filly - 3rd foundation mare

13/05/2010 Secured 5 acres grazing next to our house so horses can all come home

1/05/2010 Purchased Miniature Horse Float from Bluegables

25/04/2010 Purchase Totara Creek Articulate 67% American Shetland

5/04/2010 Purchased Totara Creek Realy Just Beyond, our first foundation mare

3/04/2010 Purchased BayView Zeus Black Iris - Smoky Black - 2nd foundation mare

1/04/2010 Purchased Rathlins WS Champagne Wispa - Golden Champagne Stallion