Totara Creek Articulate

Known as Prints

Born 8 August 2009, Registration: AIM00006, NZMHA 10256, ASANZ PART-00001, 67.2% American Shetland

Prints is our primary stallion for our Cat B breeding program and he produces the refined, long legged miniature horse that we all aspire to. And wow, this boy can move!! He has proven himself by siring stunning foals (refer foal page) who are all the type we were hoping for. He passes on his great conformation and his amazing calm nature to his foals. We have had Prints DNA tested for colour and he is homozygous Tobiano which means he will always throw pinto. He carries Sabino and he doesn't carry the Overo gene so will not produce any Lethal Whites.

A few days old

Two weeks old with Mum (Grace)

Mature stallion - 7 years old

Head shot - 13 months old

Sire - Knell's Beyond Reality (imp USA)

Dam - SMHC's Freedoms Amazing Grace (imp USA)