Cavallini Manhattan Spice Up Ur Life

Known as Spice

Born 5 August 2008, Registration: NZMHA 8227

One of our favourite mares and the head of the mare herd. Spice is a lovely bright bay colour, super intelligent and has a calm and friendly disposition. She always comes over to check out what you are doing and tells you all about it if she thinks you have forgotten something - e.g., dinner or time to be let out of the pen. She has had two beautiful foals for us - Holly and Scarlette, which we have retained.

Baby Spice with her dam

Spice as a baby

Eighteen months old

Eight years old with baby Scarlette

Five years old in work long reining

Five years old and broken to cart

Sire - Pinehaven Manhattan Cowboy

Dam - MM Rubies and Velvet